After more than 20 years in corporate accounting, Karen McCollum started her own CPA firm to help small businesses with their financial reporting and, thus, help them grow. She relocated her office to University City in 2008 as her client base continued to expand. In 2012, Victoria Anton joined Karen's firm and together they work to serve their clients -- while helping them understand the financial information given to them. Most recently, Karen McCollum, CPA PC shifted the practice to a more cloud-based approach, offering accounting, tax preparation and payroll services not only in person, but also remotely through cloud applications. In 2016, Karen McCollum, CPA PC moved back to South City where the company began. The focus today is upward -- increasingly "in the cloud" allowing clients and tax customers the ease of never having to leave their office or home. Karen and Vicki are committed to serving current and new clients through any method they wish -- face to face, by phone or through remote applications. No matter what technology is available, the commitment is to excellent old-fashioned customer service.   Pictured above are Karen and Vicki at the 2014 University City Chamber Golf Tournament.