Time off to vote ... it's a right!

Keeping things very brief in this post just to remind employees and employers about time off for voting. Not all states have laws governing workers' rights but ...

In Missouri the law states that an employee may, with prior notice to their employer, take three hours off work to vote if there are not three consecutive hours when the polls are open during which the employee is not required to be at work.

In Illinois, Every employee is entitled, after giving notice, to two hours off work, provided that the employee's working hours begin less than 2 hours after the opening of the polls and end less than 2 hours before the closing of the polls. Additionally, there shall be "no reduction in compensation as a result of time off" per a 2005 amendment to the state's statute.

As of this writing, there are reports of significant wait times at early voting stations. Plan ahead and Happy Voting!